Compared To What

Ever been lied on?
Principal Elaine Robeson has.
Now she is afraid those distortions of her character will tarnish her years of selfless service. Her family, friends, and staff know her true spirit, but the allegations and publicity have shrouded her soul with doubt.

Better Left Unsaid

What type of man sleeps with a married woman? Stokely Robeson is not the type of man who usually comes to mind but he is a man who in following his heart, has found himself in an awkward web of love from which there is no painless escape.

Assuming Hurts


When the life Audre aspired to live proves to be unfulfilling and painful, she retreats to the place she had hastily abandoned. Will the pleasant surprises of the return journey be enough to prepare her for life-altering changes that await for her at home? The sudden departure of their daughter was the first domino of misfortune to fall for Reverend and Mother Hurt. Can Audre's return reconcile their losses or will the assumptions that drove them apart fester into a permanent wedge of misunderstanding?

Four Floors

In this first time collaboration between authors Ran Walker and Sabin Prentis, they explore the lives of four people who occupy a brownstone in a heavily gentrified neighborhood in the city of New Hollis. With stories ranging from the owner who wrestles with the pressure to sell her building to the former DJ who is finding a new life after parole, the four stories in Floor Floors examine the intersection of gentrification, hip-hop, love, life, and how to make sense of it all.


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