Listen Up: A Memoir of Perspective


From Fred Duncan's window seat view of leaving segregated Mississippi to a street level view of Detroit's 1967 rebellion, from youthful summer jobs picking strawberries to over 30 years at "Henry's" (Ford Motor Company), and his over 50 years of marriage to countless days fathering sons through Detroit's morbid reign as the murder capital of the nation, he has lived and witnessed history. 


Listen Up takes a collection of memories, gained wisdom and enhanced perspective and places them, as Fred is apt to say, "On the bottom shelf where the babies can reach 'em." 

Collaborative communities_ The relations
Collaborative Communities

This study begins with a broad historical overview of public education in Detroit since the 1960s. Then the research lens narrows onto decentralization, charter schools, and eventually Plymouth Educational Center. This study seeks to contribute to and extend previous research by exploring advocating that the more parents and communities are involved with and in a school, the more likely it is that that school’s culture, consisting of a positive and respectful climate, will have a constructive impact on student achievement.

Duncan, Sabin P., "Collaborative communities: The relationship between parental-involvement and school culture" (2013). Master's Theses and Doctoral Dissertations. 945.


Reflections from the Frontline

Ask any educator about their experiences in the classroom and amid their joys and concerns they will liken the experience to a battlefield. On that battlefield, we have to balance passion with expectations, ambitions with reality and patience with educational benchmarks. Each day we enter our schools, we are on the frontlines for the future of our children and our communities. The education of our children is an on-going battle. One of which despite our most diligent preparations requires encouragement and direction. Reflections From The Frontline aims to be timeless encouragement, direction and food for thought for progressive educators everywhere. Because it takes someone who has been in the trenches, who has served on the frontlines of education to understand, convey and empower another soldier in our quest for quality education for all. So for educators, past, current and future, we share these Reflections From The Frontline.


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