"Show Me How Deep Love Can Be"

November 21, 2015

Cherish the Day is the most beautiful music video of all time. It is the most beautiful because it embodies a certain trifecta of brillance - the song (music & lyrics), the imagery, and the artist.

The Song: My brother-in-writing, Ran Walker, is swifter than Don Cheadle 

pulling his gun in A Devil In A Blue Dress to point out that Sade is both the name of the band as well as the lead singer's name.  That is an important point to consider.


I consider that fact heavily because the singer and the band compliment each other extraordinarily. They go together better than Babyface and Toni Braxton, Norman Whitfield and Rose Royce, and even Dr. Dre and Snoop.  It is as if the singer and the band truly collaborated to forge something unique as opposed to simply tying together two distinct energies.


Their beautiful synergy is apparent on all of their albums; yet, Love Deluxe (the album that contains Cherish the Day) is to Sade what Their Eyes Were Watching God is to Zora Neale Hurston - the definitive work.  Zora Neale Hurston is a magically captivating writer just as Sade creates wonderful music. However, if you had limited space in your time capsule and wanted one embodiment of these artist at their apex, then you must have Love Deluxe and Their Eyes ...


As a man, I wish that I could inspire a woman to  sing, "you're ruling the way that I move, I breathe your air..." Now, that's an aspirational relationship goal!  When Sade sings those lyrics, it conveys a profoundly genuine, multidimensional love.  Even with the magnitude of love conveyed, there is an additional willingness to love deeper ("show me how deep love can be"). After she sings that line, there is a pause in her singing which permits the imagination to think of how deep love can be.  The attuned listener may feel like this (click link). 


When a song does that to you, it is a magnificent piece of music.


The Imagery:  Sade is simply beautiful. She doesn't need (or use) any type of enhancements.  

There are no "look-at-me" components to her presentation.  

She simply is.



There is a limited range of descriptions for how she is portrayed in this video.  At best, she appears as a goddess and at worse, an angel. At the video's start, the people are looking to the sky (as Earth, Wind, and Fire encourages us to do).  Whether it's for understanding, inspiration, or just admiration - the people in the video are casting their eyes towards the heavens for answers.  


There, above the hustle and bustle of the city, above the busy-ness of life, above the fray, stands our muse of love, Sade.  Her white attire further supports her heavenly disposition. Her guitar is a tool to work her magic.  Her position is that of high regard.


She dances.  Not tantalizing dances for the satisfaction of others.  These dances illustrates how her body and spirit are in-tuned with the music and the message.  There is an enchanting draw to this exhibition of graceful femininity.  Her woman-ness is on display but not as a spectacle for perverse fetishes. She is all woman easily exemplifying God's adroitness.  Or to paraphrase Maya Angelou, 

(She is) a woman


Phenomenal woman

That's (she).


The Artist: Although I have written a few books, I don't really see myself as a writer. I see myself as an artist. As an artist, it is my ambition to stand apart from other artist, writers, and novelists in the unique manner that Sade stands apart from other singers and bands.  


To say whether she is a better or worse singer than Mary J. Blige or Gladys Knight is indirectly, a cheapening of her art. Actually, Mary and Gladys just create different types of art. The uniqueness of each artist has varying effects on those experiencing the art.


I love Sade's uniqueness because her melodies caress and warm my ears. It is a totally ethereal listening experience.  She doesn't have to overpower us for us to feel her.  Her music oozes and seeps into my soul.  For me, her art is supernal.  Yea, though I walk through the valley of over-singing and meaningless noise, Sade's tone and her delivery, they comfort me. The band preparest assonance before me in the presence of unfulling music, they annoineth my ears with euphony; my listening experience runneth over. Surely, love and melodiousness shall follow all the time I listen to them. And I will dwell in the house of Sade-fandom, forever.



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